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🎉 TEMPLE I is trading!


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NYCE Breaks Third Real Estate Crowdfunding Recording During TEMPLE II Raise

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This real-estate influencer just closed on nearly $500 million in property deals…

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NYCE completes $1M raise for 'Robinhood Of Real Estate'

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s NYCE?

NYCE is a wealth-building universe that includes a real estate investing platform, community empowerment and financial literacy education under both for-profit and non-profit arms (NYCE Companies, Inc. and NYCE Communities, Inc.). These are two separate and distinct entities.

How do you own real estate with $1?

Since 2020, we’ve let people invest in our wholly-owned real estate with as little as $100 under NYCE Companies with our partner platform Wefunder. You can invest in TEMPLE I with $1 here.

Why real estate?

Real estate is the number-one driver behind the wealth gap, the largest asset class in the world, and the number one source of self-made millionaires. So we give access to that in $1 pieces through our own portfolio, as well as all the other publicly-traded companies in the US.

What’s Wefunder?

Platform we worked with to issue ownership to non-accredited investors. Before this, only accredited investors could own real estate.

Does NYCE own real estate?

Yes, NYCE Companies, Inc. owns, develops, and manages real estate. Additionally, NYCE allows its investors to both trade its shares and raise money on our trading platform.

What does the NYCE trading platform do?

Through a partnership with Securitize, NYCE performs functions similar to an investment bank: deal funding, underwriting, advisory and asset management. For NYCE shareholders, it adds a dynamic value-maximization component; NYCE can make money in more ways than rent.

What’s NYCE Communities?

NYCE Communities, Inc. is our non-profit arm that manages our mission to help create 100,000 millionaires by 2030. NYCE Communities encompasses everything NON-ASSET related: Education, events, the TRIBE+ app, and more. You can read about our mission here.

How do you wish to help create 100,000 millionaires?

Through the holy trinity of wealth-building: Access to ownership, education, and a supportive community—your TRIBE—to help you succeed. We want to give you the platform to reach that goal. But YOU have to do the work. You can request to join our private community app here.

Can a $100 become $1 million through NYCE?

Of course not. That’s not the point. But we want to be the “gateway drug” to wealth. Remember, wealth isn’t a one-off thing, it’s a function of lifestyle, sound financial habits and investing consistently over time. These things aren’t taught in schools. So we do that at NYCE.

I invested in NYCE on Wefunder. Can I still invest in NYCE?

We no longer accept micro-investments in NYCE Companies. You can invest NYCE pre-IPO shares through NYCE Verified. Apply here. (You can invest in TEMPLE I with $1 here.)

I’m a current NYCE investor. Who can I contact to check on my investment?

You do that through the custodian of your investment. If you’re a NYCE investor, you do that on Wefunder here. If you’re a TEMPLE I investor, go through Securitize here. Investor updates will go through the custodian.

What’s the NYCE app?

Think of it as a social investment bank for the next generation: Starting July, EVERYONE can invest in real estate, index funds, the stock market and crypto inside the NYCE app with just $1. You’ll also be able to follow our best educational content, engage with other members and more.

What’s the TRIBE?

TRIBE is the description for NYCE’s global community of followers, investors, supporters and people who share our mission.

What’s the TRIBE+ app?

The TRIBE+ app is a limited-seating, members-only community/academy we built for our TRIBE. It is a separate and distinct entity completely unrelated to NYCE Companies.

Think of it as Facebook/Netflix hybrid for personal finance: a place to connect, build businesses, invest, make friends, and get coaching. You can request access here.

NOTE: All members must adhere to community guidelines and contribute positively to be a member.


We're excited to welcome you to the NYCE community.

Bring your friends and family and co-invest with them.